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Introducing a new forumite

Postby lord carnifex » Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:52 pm

Robert E. Howard once wrote that he didn't feel he'd created his characters so much as those characters stood behind him at his typewriter and directed his efforts. Sometimes, in other forms of mythmaking and storytelling something similar happens.

For my own amusement (and of others, I hope), I've taken the liberty of introducing Gwen Stacey (a.k.a. Tashi) to these forums. Her words are purely hers, and intended to be commentary on the purely fictional world she inhabits, and the fictional character contained within. Her opinions are purely hers, and don't necessarily reflect mine; specifically, although she may disparage other fictional characters from time to time, such statements are not meant to indicate my opinions of the creators and players of those characters. No real world offense is meant, and let's remember that all of this is a game.

-Lord Carnifex
lord carnifex
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Re: Introducing a new forumite

Postby Gwendolyn Stacey » Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:58 pm

Thanks, Lord Carnifex. And thank you Other Court. I appreciate the chance to share some of my observations, and to tell my side of the story. After all, primary sources are considered most valuable to the historian and the anthropologist. By habit and training, I like to keep track of the events in my world, and the thoughts and feelings I have; I look forward to the chance of sharing some of them with you.

A little about myself:

As you can tell from my picture, I was originally born somewhere in Polynesia. But I'm American as the NFL. I grew up near Santa Fe, New Mexico. I survived a pretty typical childhood; spending a lot of time romping around the neighborhood, digging in the dirt, and reading westerns and fantasy novels. Somehow in that conservative culture I managed to survive being a bright, non-white, bisexual girl with an interest in the social sciences. It was something of a relief when I got to UW Madison.

I've got undergraduate degrees in anthropology, archeology, and history (yeah, I over achieved in school). I did my post graduate work at Columbia - I'm a doctor of cultural anthropology and of archeology, specialising in spirtual and religious practices.

I used to work for a newsmagazine called "The Tattler" as a research specialist, analyst, and book reviewer. Now, I live in New Orleans and I teach. I tutor two boys and teach them social studies, tell fortunes to tourists and teach them that the world is a more mysterious and wonderful place than they ever knew, and sometimes I go down to the casino and teach optimists not to draw to an inside straight and teach Southern gentlemen that a sweet young girl isn't as helpless as she appears.

I have one son of my own - Francois-Luis. He'll likely grow up to be as reckless and as dashing as his father.
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