A Nice, "Negative" Review of Kingdom of Ashes

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A Nice, "Negative" Review of Kingdom of Ashes

Postby othercourt » Mon May 18, 2009 5:00 pm

Forgot to repost a link to this; from the official Other Court Games blog.

A Nice, Negative Review

The Christian Gamer fellow posted his review of Kingdom of Ashes up on Gaming Outpost.

It's actually a more positive review than I had right to expect. He thought I was a good writer, and that I had written a good fantasy story. He had a hard time with the treatment of the subject matter, though, and really didn't find the book to his taste. Still, I have to give him credit; he obviously didn't *like* the book, but carried forward with the review and was both fair and honest. The profanity, sex, and drugs were things that bothered him.

Still, some choice parts, this one in the early part:

"It was a good book, and a good fantasy book. It was well written. Reimenschneider (sp) has a solid command of language, painting vivid images and compelling plotlines and credible varied characters woven together in a coherent story. "

And the ending:

"I am sure that there are people who will like this book. It is a well-plotted story well told. I do not think I know any of those people myself. I wish Reimenschneider (sp) the best with his book, but I think his audience is going to be rather limited. It’s a shame, really, because he is obviously a talented writer who probably could write something I would enjoy very much. This, though, was not that."

Now, it would be unfair of me to simply quote the above and call it a day. Context matters. I'm not going to grab a few of MJ Young's words here and there, and paste them all over the website. Follow the link and read the whole thing.

Really, it could have been worse.

If you have a differing opinion, please *don't* argue with the reviewer... write your *own* review, and submit it to the likes of Flames Rising or RPG Net.

That kind of thing would be groovy. If you know someone who likes doing this kind of thing, have them drop me a line and I'll send them a comp copy of the book.
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